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Global 100 contents

Global 100 firms hit the bullseye with record-breaking results

The ESG debate: Balancing growth and risk

As environmental, social and governance risks dominate the corporate agenda, a group of senior GCs recently debated how to balance the need for growth with correct conduct

L500 UK: Gender diversity hits new high – time to focus on the elephant in the room

It’s fair to say that legal directories have come in for more than their fair share of flack over the years, particularly when it comes to speed of change. But if proof were needed that The Legal 500 is more than capable of setting the pace, then the latest UK gender diversity stats neatly provide it.

Legalease Research Services: Held to account

Data from Legalease Research Services show that new technology and more demanding clients are leaving many law firms playing catch up

Braced for impact: GCs on the threat of group actions and collective redress

Legal Business partnered with Alvarez & Marsal to canvass European general counsel on the potential impact of group action. The results show that across the board, in-house leaders are braced for impact

Switzerland focus: Bouncing back

Switzerland was hit by the global pandemic as much as any nation. But the country’s redoubtable legal profession, buoyed by a strong economy, has come back healthier than ever.

Iberia focus: Banking on Success

A swathe of restructuring in the financial services sector is keeping firms in Portugal and Spain both busy and competitive

Germany focus: Age of independence

Although independent German firms have seen their fair share of international competition since the 1990s, they continue to dominate the market. Those firms have thrived amid the challenges brought on by Covid-19

Leader: Welcome to the Renaissance

A senior legal headhunter friend, who could easily be described as a Renaissance Man, recently confided that one of the lesser-known challenges of placing lawyers today is that it is no longer sufficient just to be technically brilliant.

Take a good long look in the mirror before espousing change seriously

The words of BT Legal’s Leeanne Whaley, in ‘Held to account’, particularly stand out in this issue: ‘We spend a lot of money with external law firms. It historically suited law firms to not be transparent, but outside of big-ticket M&A and litigation, the job of a commercial lawyer is more replicable than ever.’

Life During Law: Tihir Sarkar

‘It was classic. He said: “Tihir, are you in Amman? Did you hear about these bombs? Do you know where Ash is?” I’m sitting there going: “No don’t worry, I’m fine!”‘

The Client profile: Sarah Holford, Scania UK

A self-confessed sci-fi and fantasy nut, Scania’s legal chief gives the lowdown on leading culture change in-house.

The Last Word: Down the track

Global 100 leaders and corporate stars give their prognosis on how the deal market will shape up in 2022