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The road to recovery – how Türkiye’s law firms are pulling through

After February’s earthquakes and May’s elections last year, Turkish lawyers are seeing welcome signs of a return to relative stability

Mitigating the risks of the current economic climate

Oktay Şener of Aksan Law Firm examines how his team has reacted to the changing Turkish legal market

The increasing number of enforcement and bankruptcy cases in Türkiye in recent years

Using statistical data, Egemenoğlu Hukuk Bürosu reflects upon bankruptcy in Türkiye, and looks to the effective measures available for present businesses

Legal nature of representations and warranties in share transfer agreements

Evrim Uygur Yamaner and İrem Özbay of Gled Partners consider seller liability in providing representations and warranties when transferring shares

The licensing process in the Turkish electricity generation market

Dr Ata Torun of Hansu Attorney Partnership provides an overview of the procedure for gaining a licence to generate electricity in Türkiye

Artificial intelligence generated content and copyright, creativity and authorship issues

Gökçe Ergün, Çağla Yargıç and Yaren Türe of Kılınç Law & Consulting report on how Turkish law views AI-generated content in the context of authorship and copyright

Binding corporate rules for transfer of personal data abroad

Eren Can Ersoy of Kılınç Law & Consulting looks at the regulations associated with data protection

The fate of employment contracts in M&A transactions under Turkish law

M. Efser Karayel-Keßler of Matur & Ökten & Karayel Keßler explores the legislation affecting employment relationships when a company’s legal structure changes and where this means employees face unequal treatment

Criminal liability of company directors

Mustafa Tırtır and Muharrem Kazak of Mustafa Tırtır Law Firm set out recent Supreme Court case law on liability for crimes committed during company activity

Looking to the future

Mehmet Selim Yavuz and Murat Uyanık of Yavuz Uyanık Attorney Partnership discuss how the legal market has been affected by the country’s economic climate and their expectations for areas of growth

Ink to code: analysing electronic signature legitimacy in the EU and Turkish legislation

Turhan Mergen, Lalin Elkatip and Zehra Kıryolcu of Diri Sevi Mergen report on electronic signature legislation in Türkiye and its connections with the EU