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Der Freshfields-Skandal

When the German government says of a law firm that it ‘cannot conceive that new work will be placed there’, that firm has a major problem. Does that reputational damage threaten Freshfields’ global practice, and what questions does it pose to the firm’s new leadership?

The Legal Business 100 2020

The LB100 stands firm as it faces its biggest challenges yet

Leader: Legal Business returns to anything but normal – new or otherwise

Pritchard: Falling angels: Freshfields faces cum-ex repercussions

Ireland: No luck required

As Covid-19 wreaks economic havoc, solid fundamentals see the Irish legal market remain steadfast as the country proves characteristically resilient

Life During Law: Andrew Ballheimer, Allen & Overy

Our head of security insisted on coming because the fans were after me. I went to the bathroom and he assumed I’d been kidnapped. He called the police.

The Legal 500 View: Ranking the top firms in the new normal