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Dispelling the myths about Keystone Law

From disruptive startup to a tech-enabled top 100 UK law firm, Keystone Law has grown rapidly over the last 20 years. As one of the longest-running consultancy model firms, its business model is now firmly established as a permanent fixture of the legal landscape. Despite its size and growth trajectory, many misconceptions about how the firm’s model and how it truly works still exist among solicitors. Here we speak with Mark Machray, Keystone’s director of growth and development, who explains what makes Keystone stand out among other fee-sharing firms and he dispels some of the myths.

Many solicitors who contemplate joining a fee-sharing firm worry that they are going to be on their own. How do you reassure them that they won’t?

If you think of Keystone as simply a platform, then it’s easy to understand why lawyers might think of it as a solitary way of working, but Keystone has so much more to offer than that. We have over 400 senior lawyers who regularly interact with each other, who by nature are entrepreneurial and see the benefit of developing strong relationships with colleagues.