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A record year for ethnic minorities as Clydes, Freshfields, HSF and White & Case partners make 2019 silk round

The number of new Queen’s Counsel (QC) has rebounded after a 2018 dip, including a record 22 appointments from ethnic minority backgrounds.

The proportion of female appointments fell, however, two percentage points to 28% of successful candidates, making up 30 of the 114 to take up silk in total. A total of 108 QCs were appointed last year.

Five solicitors from outside the UK and with practices focused on international arbitration were also appointed to QC. They include Singapore-based Sapna Jhangiani from Clyde & Co, who was one of the QCs of ethnic minority backgrounds appointed, Magic Circle partners Nigel Blackaby from Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Washington and Simon Chapman from Herbert Smith Freehills in Hong Kong were appointed.

Andrew de Lotbiniere McDougall from White & Case and Jason Fry from Clifford Chance, both based in Paris, were also named as QCs.

McDougall told Legal Business: ‘I’m honoured to receive such a prestigious award. It’s particularly meaningful to me and a true honour. I just looked at the list quickly and I see some friends and people I know. It’s encouraging and a real privilege to be recognised alongside people who practice in court on a day to day basis and that our practice of international arbitration is considered at the same level.’

Fountain Court had a record year following the appointment of six new QCs, including Giles Wheeler, Edward Levey, Robin Barclay, Chloe Carpenter, Ben Lynch and Tamara Oppenheimer. Other notable chambers such as Essex Court, 4 Pump Court and 1 Crown Office Row did not appear on this year’s list.

The 30 women appointed was said to be ‘comparatively low’ by the chair of the selection panel, Sir Alex Allan: ‘I am pleased that of those women who did apply, almost 60% were successful.’

The overall number of QCs appointed this year increased by five per cent. All appointed QCs will formally become silks at a ceremony on 16 March 2020.


The full list of appointments (in alphabetical order):  

Dominic James Adamson, Temple Garden Chambers

William Andrew Allen, Outer Temple Chambers

William Siward Atkins, Maitland Chambers

Robin Nicholas John Barclay, Fountain Court Chambers

Jonathan James Barnard, Cloth Fair Chambers

Zoë Maria Marsden Barton, Wilberforce Chambers

Nigel Alexander Blackaby, Freshfields

David Anthony Blundell, Landmark Chambers

Christopher Leigh Wilson Boardman, Radcliffe Chambers

Samantha Jane Bowcock, 15 Winckley Square

Michael Antony Brady, 18 St John Street Chambers

Cameron Kennedy Duncan Brown, Red Lion Chambers

Stewart John Buckingham, Quadrant Chambers

Matthew Paul Butt, Three Raymond Building

Henry James Byam-Cook, Twenty Essex

Rebecca Jane Carew Pole, 1 Hare Court

Chloe Carpenter, Fountain Court Chambers

James Frederick Horatio Carpenter, Hailsham Chambers

Jennifer Anne Carter-Manning, 7BR

Simon James Chapman, Herbert Smith Freehills

Allison Jean Clare, Red Lion Chambers

Timothy Donald Collingwood, Serle Court

Ben Lion Cooper, Doughty Street Chambers

Gary Adam Cowen, Falcon Chambers

Nicholas John de la Poer, New Park Court

Marcus Benedict Dignum, 12 King’s Bench Walk

Louis George Doyle, Kings Chambers

Delroy Benell Duncan, Cloisters

Richard Mark Fisher, South Square

Mark Steven Ford, Lincoln House Chambers

Jason Alva Fry, Clifford Chance

Gurdeep Singh Garcha, Citadel Chambers

Peter Seamus Patrick Goatley, No5 Chambers

James Daniel Goldsmith, One Essex Court

Mark Narayan Graffius, 2 Hare Court

Andrew Timothy Grantham, Kings Chambers

Alexander Edward Hall Taylor, 4 New Square

Justin Beresford Higgo, Serle Court

Samantha Hillas, St Johns Buildings

John Leslie Hipkin, Iscoed Chambers

Jamas Rusi Hodivala, Matrix Chambers

Syed Ahmed Izharul Hossain, Temple Court

Frida Hussain, Furnival Chambers

Sapna Jhangiani, Clyde & Co

Leon Samuel Kazakos, 2 Hare Court

Martin Goddard Kingerley, 36 Family

Jennifer Claudia Knight, Two Harcourt Buildings

Adrian Mark Langdale, 7BR

Blair Patricia Leahy, Twenty Essex

Krista Lee, Keating Chambers

Edward Michael Levey, Fountain Court Chambers

Richard Ian Liddell, 4 New Square

Benjamin John Patrick Lynch, Fountain Court Chambers

Scott Edward Lyness, Landmark Chambers

Shantanu Joseph Majumdar, Radcliffe

Roger Mallalieu, 4 New Square

Aileen McColgan, 11KBW

Andrew de Lotbinière McDougall, White & Case

Gerard Patrick McMeel, Quadrant Chambers

John Mehrzad, Littleton Chambers

Julian Robert Milford, 11 KBW

Barbara Mills, 4 Paper Buildings

Peter Mitchell, 29 Bedford Row

Eleni Mitrophanous, Matrix Chambers

Anurag Mohindru, Foundry Chambers

Andrew Matthew Stephen Mold, Wilberforce Chambers

Veronica Allison Munroe, Garden Court Chambers

Charlotte Anne Newell, 5 Kings Bench Walk

Katharine Julia Newton, Old Square Chambers

Andrew James Steedsman Norris, Hogarth Chambers

Harry John William Oliver, 1 Kings Bench Walk

Ijeoma Chinyelu Omambala, Old Square Chambers

Tamara Helen Pasternak Oppenheimer, Fountain Court Chambers

Jane Elizabeth Osborne, 2 Harcourt Buildings

Deshpal Panesar, Old Square Chambers

Conall Patton, One Essex Court

Cleo Perry, 4 Paper Buildings

James Patrick Pickering, Enterprise Chambers

David Richard Pievsky, Blackstone Chambers

Marcus James Pilgerstorfer, 11 KBW

Rajesh Pillai, 3VB

Henry William Stodart Pitchers, No5 Chambers

Sarah Selena Rixar Plowden, Guildhall Chambers

Paul Nikolai Raudnitz, Hollis Whiteman

Stanley Reiz, 2 Bedford Row

Philip Geoffrey Hurry Riches, Twenty Essex

Jeremy John Richmond, Quadrant Chambers

Brendan Roche, 7 Bedford Row Chambers

Adam Julius Rosenthal, Falcon Chambers

Noah Daniel Rubins, Freshfields

Harish Salve, Blackstone Chambers

Jonathan Robert Sampson, Harcourt Chambers

Jonathan Sandiford, St Pauls Chambers

Amanda Claire Savage, 4 New Square

David Luke Scannell, Brick Court Chambers

James Jeffrey Segan, Blackstone Chambers

Katherine Emma Selway, Radcliffe Chambers

Sharif Asim Shivji, 4 Stone Buildings

Stephen John Simblet, Garden Court Chambers

Melanie Denise Simpson, 25 Bedford Row

Adam Speker, 5RB

Heidi Lorraine Stonecliffe, UK Government

Timothy James Storrie, Lincoln House Chambers

Allison Summers, Drystone Chambers

Jacqueline Louise Thomas, Spire Barristers

Andrew James Thornton, Erskine Chambers

Rebecca Louise Tuck, Old Square Chambers

Richard Daniel Wald, 39 Essex Chambers

Henry Warwick, Henderson Chambers

Simon Mark Webster, 1 Hare Court

Colin West, Brick Court

Giles Neil Laurence Wheeler, Fountain Court Chambers

Robert Brychan James Williams, Monckton Chambers

Stephen Wood, Broadway House