A view from the Chilean legal market

A view from the Chilean legal market

Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados is a law firm with a decade-long history, comprised of attorneys renowned for their track record in resolving high-complexity domestic and international disputes. The firm is involved in several of the country’s most significant cases and holds a persistent presence across nearly every industry and sector of the economy.

Our focus lies in adding value when addressing challenging disputes. We are distinguished by our comprehensive and sophisticated approach to matters that span multiple legal domains; entail various and diverse conflicts requiring a coherent strategy; involve multiple legal entities on one or more sides of the issue; encompass laws from different countries; and present not only legal aspects but also economic, financial, and other questions necessitating integration of other areas of expertise into the strategy. Continue reading “A view from the Chilean legal market”

Sponsored Firm Profile: Zarhi Hernández Amar

Sponsored Firm Profile: Zarhi Hernández Amar

About Zarhi Hernández Amar

Zarhi Hernández Amar welcomed 2023 by celebrating its fifth anniversary with profound changes to meet the upcoming challenges posed by the current issues that our clients need to solve with our assistance. Thus, Carolina Hernández has now joined the firm as a partner. She has been a part of the team since the start, leading corporate and real estate matters, and implementing tax solutions tailored for our clients. Her incorporation as a partner prompted the firm to change its name to Zarhi Hernández Amar, in recognition of the relevance of the event and the strength that the partners collectively exert to lead the entire team to achieve our goals, doing what we do best: solving our clients’ legal and tax issues.

Zarhi Hernández Amar is a law firm founded by lawyers with over 15 years of individual experience, specialised in providing legal and tax advice to families, individuals and companies. We provide concrete and swift solutions to issues based on multi-angle analysis, assisting our clients in making high-complexity strategic decisions. Clients enjoy preferential legal management, specially crafted to support their daily operations and business.

Our service perspective builds long-term, intimate trust relationships, with personalised treatment and permanent availability to resolve each request promptly.

Our hallmark is a unique and creative approach to tax law. We think differently and see solutions where others only see problems, thanks to the experience, specialisation and capability of our partners and associates.

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Rodrigo Zarhi Hernández
Partner; lawyer – Universidad de Chile; postgraduate diploma in tax modernisation and master in tax law from the same university
His practice focuses on tax planning and advice to Chilean and foreign high-net-worth individuals, inheritance planning and tax structures for various industries with national and international operations. He has over 20 years of experience providing comprehensive tax advice in complex and wide-ranging matters, including advanced litigation strategies in various jurisdictions and consultancy to corporate governments, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic business advice. He is currently attending the senior management programme (PADE) at the ESE Business School of the Universidad de los Andes. Member of the IFA (International Fiscal Association).

Carolina Hernández Contreras
Partner; lawyer – Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
She leads the corporate team of Zarhi Hernández Amar. With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, she has specialised in tax implementation, mergers and acquisitions, contracting, real estate law, purchase and sale of significant assets, compliance and corporate restructuring. She is currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma in tax planning at the faculty of economics and business of the Universidad de Chile.

Carlos Amar Grez
Partner; lawyer – Universidad Diego Portales; postgraduate diploma in tax modernisation – Universidad de Chile; postgraduate diploma in tax analysis and planning – Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; postgraduate degree in tax planning – Universidad del Desarrollo
His practice focuses on tax planning and advice to Chilean and foreign high-net-worth individuals, as well as in the tax legal structuring of national family offices. He has extensive experience in the reorganisation and restructuring of domestic and foreign companies, advising them in business matters of tax optimisation and compliance, foreign investment, corporate governance structures, mergers, acquisitions, and tax litigation. He has vast experience in inheritance reorganisation, enabling new generations to participate in family wealth in a structured and efficient manner. As part of his professional practice, he has participated in multiple national and international real estate transactions, advising from a differentiated perspective, seeking efficiency and compliance in tax matters. Member of the IFA (International Fiscal Association)

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