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Sponsored briefing: Artificial intelligence generated content and copyright, creativity and authorship issues

Gökçe Ergün, Çağla Yargıç and Yaren Türe of Kılınç Law & Consulting report on how Turkish law views AI-generated content in the context of authorship and copyright

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools that, in simple terms, bring algorithm-based machine learning to mind, have started generating unpredictable outputs, especially with the advancement of cutting-edge systems like generative AI contributing to technological advancement. AI can generate content across a wide spectrum, ranging from texts to images, music to videos.

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Sponsored briefing: Binding corporate rules for transfer of personal data abroad

Eren Can Ersoy of Kılınç Law & Consulting looks at the regulations associated with data protection

The irrepressible rapid development of technology and digitalisation around the world necessitates the processing and transfer of personal data. This evolution has a direct impact not just on individuals but also on the business world. The processing and transfer of personal data abroad necessitates the effective protection of data. Personal data processing and transfers overseas demand robust data protection. The transmission of personal data abroad is regulated by Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (the Law), and the primary rule for data transfer abroad is to get the data subjects’ explicit consent. With the existence of one of the data processing conditions specified in the Law, and the recipient being located in one of the countries on the list of safe countries to be published by the Personal Data Protection Authority (the Authority), the data controllers in Türkiye and abroad can undertake adequate protection in writing and the Personal Data Protection Board (the Board) can gain permission as an exception to the rule of obtaining explicit consent.

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GC Powerlist Türkiye 2022

Due to the favourable geopolitical location of Türkiye, it is a renowned hotspot for local and foreign investors. Its regulatory and political landscape has also seen recent, rapid evolution and change. Frequent developments are underway to laws regarding real estate, data privacy, citizenship, among others. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic presented a distinctive set of challenges for the country and for companies in Türkiye. General counsel (GCs), throughout this period, guided their respective companies with consistent and practical support.

The Legal 500 GC Powerlist: Türkiye 2022 demonstrates an astounding level of legal ability against an arduous, transforming economic background. Driven by resilience, GCs in Türkiye have assumed a leading role in their companies and navigated unparalleled challenges. It does not come as a surprise that the in-house legal profession is burgeoning in Türkiye, attributable to the taxing undertakings they typically face in their organisations.

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Sponsored briefing: Turkey: A paradise for startups and angel investors

New and bold ideas often come from young people. We see the effect the new generations have on innovative technologies, especially due to the increase in digitalisation and the adaptation of the older generation to digital life being slower than the younger generation. Startups are on the minds of most of the young business people who think that their creative ideas cannot grow within the huge bureaucratic and cumbersome holdings and joint stock companies.

The startup, in words of famous entrepreneur Neil Blumenthal, is a term used for companies working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed. Since a not-so-distant past, we have often heard this term and have seen entrepreneurs’ success and failure stories. The number of entrepreneurs who do not want to be a part of corporate culture, who have new and extraordinary ideas and who adopt a flexible working culture is rapidly increasing. When it comes to startups, success, investment, growth and earnings are on one side of the coin; whereas the other side holds the problems of the crawling period, financial difficulties and the difficulty of finding investment. Perhaps even those of you who are reading this article have or have had a successful or unfortunate startup adventure. Not everyone who touches, nurtures and feeds on the startup ecosystem is immune to the difficulties experienced in that painful birth and crawling process of a startup. Perhaps one of the most challenging of these difficulties is the problem of financing. While some entrepreneurs in Turkey benefit from sources such as KOSGEB or TÜBİTAK funds or micro-loans, some of them are knocking on venture capital companies’ and angel investors’ doors to solve the financing problem that can determine the fate of a startup. Apart from these, another source of financing frequently used is the savings that the entrepreneur has made up to that day or the financial support they received from family, relatives and friends.