ESG Summit 2024 – 4 June 2024

Date: Tue 4 Jun 2024
Time: 8.15am – 6.00pm
Venue: Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London, SW1P 3EE

Topics that will be covered:

Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Strategies: The General Counsel’s Role

Join us in exploring the pivotal role of the General Counsel in environmental compliance and sustainability strategies. This panel delves into the legal aspects of navigating environmental regulations, sustainable supply chain management, carbon emissions reduction, and transparent environmental impact reporting, all from the perspective of a General Counsel.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Legal Leadership: General Counsel’s Perspective

Discover how General Counsel can lead the charge in promoting diversity and inclusion within organizations. This panel addresses racial and ethnic disparities, inclusive recruiting practices, and the legal aspects of diversity initiatives, offering insights from General Counsel on fostering an inclusive legal environment.

Inclusivity and Legal Responsibilities: General Counsel’s Role in Promoting Diversity

Learn how General Counsel can champion inclusivity and accessibility in the legal profession. This panel covers topics like creating inclusive workplaces for individuals with disabilities, embracing neurodiversity, ensuring accessibility in legal technology, and supporting mental health among legal professionals.

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity and Legal Advocacy: Insights from General Counsel

Explore legal protections and strategies for advancing LGBTQ+ inclusivity in organizations, as advocated by General Counsel. This panel also discusses mentorship and support for LGBTQ+ legal professionals, global LGBTQ+ rights, and legal issues related to gender identity and expression.

Women in Legal Leadership: Advancing Equality and Inclusion

Join us in examining the legal aspects and strategies for advancing women in legal leadership roles, promoting work-life balance, achieving equal pay and compensation equity, and advocating for gender equality. This panel highlights the commitments and initiatives led by General Counsel.

Regulatory Compliance and Legal Risks

Get a comprehensive overview of ESG regulations and legal implications in this panel. Experts will discuss current and emerging requirements, risks, consequences of non-compliance, and best practices for proactive compliance, followed by a Q&A session.

Climate Change and Legal Obligations

Explore legal strategies to address climate change and achieve compliance. This panel covers emissions reduction, climate-related disclosures, and showcases legal approaches to sustainable practices. Join us for legal and environmental experts’ insights in the Q&A session.

Supply Chain Sustainability and Legal Responsibility

Dive into the legal implications of sustainable procurement and supply chain management. Learn about due diligence, compliance, and strategies for strong supplier relationships from experts in this interactive discussion. Don’t miss the Q&A session with legal and supply chain experts.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Legal Framework

Discover the legal frameworks for DEI initiatives, considerations in addressing discrimination, and DEI success stories. Engage in the Q&A session with legal and DEI experts for valuable insights into promoting diversity and inclusion.

Data Privacy, Security, and Legal Compliance

Explore the legal aspects of data privacy in ESG initiatives, ensuring compliance with data protection laws, data security, and legal response to data breaches. Join the Q&A session to gain insights from legal and data privacy experts.

Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Engagement: Legal Perspectives

Understand the legal dimensions of stakeholder engagement, balancing legal considerations with social responsibility objectives, and learn from case studies highlighting legal strategies for effective engagement. Engage in a Q&A session with legal and social responsibility experts.

Litigation, Reputation Management, and ESG Challenges

Delve into managing ESG-related legal disputes, protecting organizational reputation, and addressing ethical and legal considerations in ESG-related litigation. Get valuable insights from legal and reputation management experts during the Q&A session

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London, United Kingdom

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