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The ESG Report 2023 – Are leading global firms finally embracing ESG in earnest?


Overview – From buzzword to bona fide?

Our third annual ESG report reveals that firms are more willing to substantiate their ESG credentials. Is the industry finally moving away from paying lip service and towards embracing ESG in earnest?

Governance – Words into deeds

While environmental concerns and diversity efforts have dominated the ESG agenda, the ‘G’ aspect – governance – is often overlooked. How important is responsible law firm behaviour in the ESG context?

Litigation – Perpetual motion

ESG litigation is now a buzzword in disputes. Legal Business turned to litigators and funders to examine the market – and what we can expect moving forwards

The Last Word: On message

On the back of our third annual ESG report, key decision makers share their perspectives on key issues affecting law firms

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BSLAW: ESG laws in Hungary

BSLAW’s managing partner Robert Szuchy gives insight into navigating the ESG system in place in Hungary

Arqis: ESG in Germany

Drs Friedrich Gebert, Andrea Panzer-Heemeier and Mirjam Boche give an overview of ESG requirements in the German market

Bär & Karrer: ESG in Switzerland

Dr Vera Naegeli and Marie-Cristine Kaptan discuss the evolving ESG legal field in Switzerland and how companies can abide by the new regulations.