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Sponsored briefing: Brought to you by Virtual Vaults

In March, Virtual Vaults attended the Corporate and M&A Summit 2023. If we learnt something from this event, it is that dealmaking in today’s volatile market brings a bunch of challenges. Virtual Vaults delivers a Virtual dealmaking platform, from due diligence preparation, to Data Room, and closing archive. We are about the here and the now in dealmaking.

As Jeroen Kruithof emphasised during the Summit, Virtual Vaults strives to lead the market rather than being the market leader. Everyone is familiar with the necessity of a VDR, but developing the right features is key for an efficient Due Diligence process. VV has always focussed on developing the best process solutions. This in combination with our intuitive User Interface, has resulted in an excellent client experience thus becoming the market leader in the Benelux.

The main reason we decided to build a brand-new platform called Workspaces was the client’s need for an efficient way to organise all documentation for their due diligence. Workspaces helps you to avoid the common mistakes by having full control. Proper and efficient preparation ensures a smoother due diligence process with a greater chance of success and a better result. This platform offers advisors and their target the easiest way to collect data, share the workload and keep track of the progress. Users can create their own way of working and export their data collection straight to a VDR to start their due diligence process.

Because of the challenging market, dealmakers don’t want any surprises. Side issues like pricing and terms and conditions should be transparent. This is why we have a price model (with unlimited data), so you get an overview of the costs beforehand. On top of this, we offer all advisors to use Workspaces for free.

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