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Sponsored briefing: The licensing process in the Turkish electricity generation market

Dr Ata Torun of Hansu Attorney Partnership provides an overview of the procedure for gaining a licence to generate electricity in Türkiye

General overview of the Turkish electricity market

The energy sector in Türkiye continues to develop in accordance with decarbonisation objectives driven by national and international dynamics. In this context, the number of generation facilities based on renewable energy sources has increased significantly in recent years. Most recently, Türkiye’s National Energy Plan announced in 2023 aims to increase clean energy and energy efficiency within the scope of sustainability. In addition to the integration of renewable energy resources into the electricity system, investments in the energy sector have gained significant momentum with recent regulations on the storage of generated electricity.

Legal Business

Sponsored briefing: Legal framework for Turkey’s transition to e-mobility has been introduced

Based on the aim of compliance with the objectives of the European Green Deal, Turkey’s e-mobility sector has been experiencing a significant development to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector and to accelerate the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable mobility. Therefore, Turkey has recently introduced new regulations and various incentive schemes relating to e-mobility.

In this context, an amendment of the Electricity Market Law Nr. 6446 entered into force on 21 December 2021 that regulates the procedures and principles on e-mobility activities as well as the rights and obligations of the market participants. Furthermore, new regulations on operation licences for electric vehicle charging stations and on installment of charging points in parking areas have been introduced. In addition, regulations that provide the legal framework for the e-scooter sector as a significant part of micro-mobility entered into force. The Turkish government has also adopted incentives for investments in electric vehicle charging stations. As a result of these regulations, it is expected that the number of electric vehicles and the electric vehicle charging stations will significantly increase in Turkey within the following years.