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Sponsored briefing: Recent developments on media and entertainment sector in Turkey

As a consequence of the pandemic, the perspective on the media and entertainment sector and the way of consuming media content has changed as well as in all areas of life. Streaming platforms play a central role in the economy and its rapid development since the birth of the public commercial internet over 20 years ago has produced many societal benefits and new opportunities for free expression and innovation. Consumers are now turning to streaming platforms where they have many more options and can access them at an affordable price over the internet. From the consumers’ perspective, this has led them to over-the-top (OTT) media services and digital platforms offering on-demand streaming services. The OTT industry is actually in a period of maturation. We’re seeing a period in which the technology informing OTT trends is becoming more settled.

In particular, the demand for platforms offering on-demand streaming services has increased since more original content can be produced as a result of both the greater variety of productions and the fact that it provides a freer space in terms of time limit and content control. With the increasing demand for digital media, investments in this area and the number of digital media platforms have also increased.