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Sponsored briefing: Q&A with Darren Kantor, director, global head of legal tech implementation and recruitment at Jameson Legal Tech

What have been the main trends in legal tech recruitment over the last year?

We have seen legal tech employers place greater emphasis on technical skills, such as coding, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. This reflects the need for legal tech professionals who can effectively develop, implement, and manage technology solutions.

What we are really proud of in the legal tech space is the growing recognition and importance of diversity and inclusion.

Many legal tech employers are implementing strategies to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Have you seen demand increase for legal tech professionals?

I think with the ongoing digital transformation in the legal industry, there has been a growing demand for legal tech professionals. This trend was really fuelled by the pandemic, where there had almost been a pause on new projects, and once we came out the other side, the market just exploded – so many tech companies creating innovative products and solutions, and law firms and corporate legal teams wanting to be at the forefront of this tech. However, with all this tech available, the one thing that is always imperative is that you must have the right people in place to implement and help with the adoption of technology in the legal sector. This market has been quick to realise that tech and the professionals running this tech come hand in hand, which is why there is such a demand for legal tech professionals right now.

What have been the biggest drivers of activity?

Some of the biggest drivers for recruiting legal technology professionals is a combination of technological innovation, changing client expectations, and the need for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the legal industry.

How do you see the recruitment market evolving over the next few months to a year?

While there is still a continued demand for legal tech professionals, there is also an increased competition for talent. Therefore, we are going to see more employers looking at ways to make their organisations stand out, with benefits like employee perks, remote working, skill development, and career advancement being offered.

We are also going to see a lot more use of AI in our day-to-day tasks, from training, researching, knowledge and many more uses as the technology advances.

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