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Legal Business Awards 2024 – nominations now open

Nominations are now open for the most prestigious showcase of talent in the industry, the Legal Business Awards 2024.

The event will take place on Tuesday 17 September 2024 at The Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London. You have until 15 March to submit for any of the 26 categories open to teams or individuals.

For the full category line up and FAQs about the awards, as well as a list of last year’s winners, click here. Feel free to submit in as many categories as you wish. Please submit your entry using our awards platform.

As every award is hotly contested, with only six to eight nominations in each category, here’s some tips that will help you make the most of your achievements:

Not just for law firms

The practice area awards (eg Corporate Team of the Year) are open not just to law firms, but chambers, alternative providers and in-house teams as well. Certain merit awards (eg ESG Programme of the Year) are also open to chambers, alternative providers and in-house teams.

Joint submissions

Joint submissions are welcomed and we have had joint winners in previous years. However, the awards aim to single out individuals and organisations as best-in-breed. Where it is clear one party has made the most significant contribution, it is likely that team alone will be shortlisted.

Matters must be completed

Do not include outstanding matters, especially disputes that are likely to go to appeal or deals that could yet face significant regulatory hurdles. The practice area awards recognise teams that have achieved successful outcomes for clients, which cannot be established if a matter is still in the air.

The practice area awards relate to matters completed in the financial year 2023/24 but we will also consider matters that completed in the early part of 2023 for completeness.

Multiple matters

You are welcome to submit more than once in each category but each matter should be submitted separately. However, please look at the category criteria. Very often with the practice area awards, we are looking to award a team for its outstanding performance in one specific matter. If you cannot identify a standout deal or case from a cluster, neither will we. Arguably it is better to concentrate efforts on producing one knockout submission than diluting the impact with multiple matters, unless it is a suite of deals for one client that sit together.

Keep it brief

Format and style are irrelevant but getting to the point is important. We ask for no more than 600 words per submission to encourage nominees to stick to the salient facts. You are welcome to provide links to supplementary information or clippings that support your submission but do not waste space with boilerplate text, eg, about your organisation’s core values or a list of academic articles written by the lead individual on the team.

Include client feedback where appropriate

Including positive quotes from clients in your submission about the contribution made by the team, individual or organisation will carry more weight than anything else.

A note on confidential matters

We appreciate the need for client confidentiality but ask you to bear in mind that the more confidential the submission, the harder it is for us to justify why such a matter has been shortlisted. For that reason, please try to provide non-confidential information as much as possible.

Best of luck – we look forward to receiving your entries. If you have any questions at all relating to your submissions or the criteria, please contact Mark McAteer.