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The Last Word: Merger mania


‘Consolidation is an inevitable response in a market such as ours. There is only so much work, and we are all under pressure to be more efficient.’

Mark Rigotti, HSF

Following the proposed combination of CMS Cameron McKenna, Olswang and Nabarro, we asked law firm leaders their views on consolidation in the City


Global ambition

‘The demands our clients place on us to be ever more global, to handle matters that cross multiple borders, and to provide a comprehensive and quality-consistent service across a broader spectrum of expertise and geographies, means these ambitious mergers and combinations in the legal industry are inevitable and will likely continue apace. The trick to whether they will stick, though, is in the integration; it’s easy to do a merger, but it’s hard to really become merged – truly one partnership, one offering.’

Tamara Box, managing partner for Europe and the Middle East, Reed Smith