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Social media influencers: Winning friends and influencing people

With the WFH revolution moving many online more than ever before, a growing band of lawyers are seeing professional value in social media. Amy Ulliott and Ben Wheway talk to those dodging the trolls and racking up the retweets

Global London 2023

US firms thrive even as the deal market starts to cool

Global London: Resistance is futile – can firms keep the good times going as the market starts to cool?

Global London firms continue to flourish but can they keep the good times going as the market starts to cool?

Legal tech: Assessing the leap from ‘shiny new objects’ to digital transformation

With so much hype around legal tech, including AI, Legal Business cuts through the noise to evaluate its true value

Greece focus: Lap of the gods

Despite being buffeted by geopolitical and economic turbulence, Greek legal titans and mortals alike are defying the odds to thrive in a tough market

Legal 500 data: Global London firms by Legal 500 rankings

The Client Profile: Terra Potter, Hexcel Corporation

Legal Business editor Nathalie Tidman went for cocktails with Terra Potter to discuss her unconventional route from a Chicago cornfield to becoming the GC of Hexcel

Oversharing? Navigating social media can be fraught but there is much to admire

It’s surprising how much conversations around social media have shifted over the last three years. There used to be a tacit understanding that LinkedIn was for professional posts only, deal announcements, partner moves, conferences, market commentary and the like, while Facebook (and Twitter, if you really must) was for everything else.

Cautionary tales: The downfall of Ince – a lesson in how not to run your law firm

‘In the event of a recession, the lawyers will be fine. They always are. Unless you work at Ince.’

A wholly subjective (but nonetheless definitive) guide to law firms from a $300m client on how to make a successful pitch*

David Burgess, publishing director of The Legal 500, asks David Stark, chief legal officer at Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Trevor Faure, chief executive of Smarter Law Solutions, for their views. Warning – this may make for uncomfortable reading

Life During Law: Paul Dolman

‘You need to be incredibly persistent and thick-skinned; you’re not going to win every pitch. If you go out for lunch with someone, it may be ten lunches later that they eventually give you some work.’

‘A black hole is not formed overnight’: Ince Group administration marks the demise of a storied shipping firm

For many, the collapse into administration of the Ince Group, the listed parent company of storied shipping firm Ince, was inevitable. A procession of public mishaps and falling revenue, combined with a string of high-profile partner departures, had left the future of the firm hanging in the balance for several months.

Particularly egregious? Market reacts over Credit Suisse buyout as bondholder litigation looms large

As the fall of Credit Suisse mobilises swathes of advisers, Legal Business asks whether the collapse will yield an influx of work for the litigation community

The Last Word: London manifesto

To mark the launch of our 2023 Global London analysis, we ask senior figures at leading US firms for a progress report