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‘There are still things I want to achieve’: Q&A with former law firm leader Tony Angel

Tom Moore talks to Tony Angel, the former Linklaters managing partner who stepped down as global co-chair of DLA Piper on 1 May. Widely regarded to have been one of the outstanding law firm leaders of the past 25 years, he discusses diversity, harnessing technology and gifting Simon Levine a genie’s lamp.


What advice would you give to the profession?

First, operating a global business with a single business model is going to be an increasing challenge. We’re all struggling with how to make our organisations more efficient and aligned to client needs. But those needs are increasingly varied and a one-size-fits-all model cannot any longer meet them all. The accounting firms have been very good at managing different business models in a single organisation; law firms need to learn how to do that too or really narrow their focus.