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Law Tech special – Spring 2019

Law Tech Special: Can law tech’s big beasts Lexis and Thomson stay on top in a changing industry?

Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis still form the dominant players of the legal tech establishment. Can they stay on top amid a changing industry?


Simon BaggsLaw Tech Special: Fake rugs and drill bits – Incopro eyes brand protection dominance

Seven years after Wiggin set up IP technology company Incopro, it has raised $21m and expanded to protect more than 600 brands, Hamish McNicol reports


Emily FogesLaw Tech Special: The final throes of the Wild West? Contract management bids to move into the mainstream

Companies with thousands of contracts want to not only store them, but manage and learn from them too. It is not just about in-house legal teams, however, Hamish McNicol reports