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Legal departments and law firms are under increasing cost pressures and it is no longer about doing more with less; it is simply a question of efficiency: top-quality output with less cost, fewer people and fewer mistakes. This leads the enlightened to the hot topics of business and digital transformation, which go hand in hand with technology and raise the issue of digital trust.

Automation of processes, secure and instant collaborative working and artificial intelligence provide huge opportunities for increasing efficiencies and quality, and creating the transparency that engenders trust in the client/provider relationship. Coupling this with the inherent security advantages of such technologies, a firm awareness of the associated risks, and adherence to an ever-changing regulatory and statutory landscape, gives the opportunity to create an environment of digital trust.

Safelink provides a highly secure means of increasing the efficiency of smart delivery of legal services to, and by, in-house legal departments and law firms, while adding strength to GDPR positioning.

Providing tools that encourage the building of trusted relationships between law firms and their clients or internal legal departments with their panel firms requires flexibility and attention to the specific requirements of the relationship. The trade-off between security and convenience in the technical age is ever-present when considering issues of digital trust, and customisable tools that give absolute security and the flexibility to meet specific reporting needs can be hard to find. Tales of woe that appear regularly of data breaches and malware issues beg the question of who or what will be next?

At Safelink, security is at the heart of the delivery of all our services and is woven through every part of the system. Coupling that infrastructure with the ability to customise tools to the degree that will simplify the delivery and receipt of legal services strengthens the bond between client and legal service provider. While we do not pretend to offer the panacea to all these issues, we listen hard to what our clients are telling us and work hard to deliver well-thought-out software that makes sense in the hands of the user.

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