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Sponsor message – Cornerstone Research: A solid foundation for effective and compelling expert testimony

Cornerstone Research supports the world’s leading law firms and corporations in their most complex matters. For more than 25 years, we have provided economic and financial analyses and expert testimony in thousands of disputes, arbitrations and regulatory proceedings.

Clients rely on us for clear and objective assessments. Our experts – both within the firm and externally – include leading academics, authorities on a range of industries and former senior government officials.

Today’s legal environment poses growing demands in terms of both data and analyses. Clients not only need to quickly extract intelligence and useful insights from traditional sources, including financial and transactional records, but also from non-traditional sources, such as emails and social media. Our ability to categorise and analyse these data sources efficiently and effectively is crucial.

Cornerstone Research has 700 staff in offices in London and throughout the US. In Europe, we focus on competition cases, international arbitrations and matters in the financial services sector.

The depth and breadth of our experience, combined with our extensive expert network, provide clients with an unmatched level of consistent high-quality work and effective support.

Peter Davis, senior vice president
020 3655 0910

Contact information:
Cornerstone Research
Cornerstone Research
4 More London Riverside
5th Floor
London SE1 2AU

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