Jon Alexander – Lloyds Banking Group

Jon Alexander

Head of legal, lending support, commercial banking

Lloyds Banking Group


As head of legal at one of Britain’s ‘big four’ banks, Jon Alexander at Lloyds Banking Group already enjoys a high profile within banking circles, but he has been particularly sought after during the past few months. As one banking partner recently put it: ‘He is one of the most powerful in-house lawyers as he is a decisive influence on the numerous “pass-through panels” of Lloyds Banking Group, which will be decided on over the next few months.’

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Leonie Fleming – RBS Group

Leonie Fleming

General counsel for corporate Banking, global restructuring group and Ulster Bank

RBS Group


One law banking partner says that Leonie Fleming ‘falls into the “very influential” bracket due to her position, but also the “up and coming bracket”, because I feel she has further to go at RBS’. There’s no doubt that she has won praise for her adroit handling of complex regulatory issues during a difficult few years for the bank.

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Emma Slatter – Deutsche Bank

Emma Slatter

General counsel for UK and western Europe

Deutsche Bank


Although Emma Slatter was only appointed GC for UK and Western Europe in May 2010, one banking partner describes her as spearheading a ‘leading in-house team that is at the forefront of innovative transactional support, regulatory-driven initiatives and external counsel management’.

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David Greenwald – Goldman Sachs

David Greenwald

Deputy general counsel and international general counsel

Goldman Sachs


‘In-house counsel are now acting more and more as critical advisers to the businesses that they cover,’ says David Greenwald, who has been deeply involved in helping his bank recover from the credit crunch. ‘They understand the business itself, the law applicable to it, the company’s culture and hot buttons so they can provide comprehensive advice.’

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Sajid Hussein – Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Sajid Hussein

EMEA general counsel

Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Sajid Hussein’s experience at Bank of America Merrill Lynch has certainly prepared him for exciting challenges. When he joined Bank of America in 2005, he couldn’t have known that within three years he would be working on one of the biggest deals of his life.

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Stuart Levey – HSBC Holdings

Stuart Levey

Chief legal officer and group managing director

HSBC Holdings


Stuart Levey joined HSBC in London in January 2012. His hire was a key part of HSBC’s efforts to restructure, reform, and bring on board new leadership to implement HSBC’s new global business strategy and respond most effectively to high-profile investigations in the US.

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Mark Harding – Barclays

Mark Harding

Group general counsel



Few general counsel attract the levels of respect from fellow in-house lawyers that Mark Harding, group general counsel at Barclays, commands. He was the first chairman of the GC100, which elevated his profile among his in-house counterparts, and he remains active in the organisation. He firmly believes that the in-house community has a duty to work together to reform the relationship between the client and private practice firms.

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