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Sponsored briefing: Lawyers in Dublin – How to find a good solicitor in Dublin

Picking the right solicitor for you can be a daunting experience, particularly when there are so many to choose from, with most claiming to be experts or specialists in a certain field of law. Your legal issue is important to you and you will want to ensure you get it right the first time. Just like purchasing a car, you will not buy it from the first auto shop you come across. You will want to shop around and ascertain that the level of service is unparalleled, the price is right and the after-sales team will be able to take care of your ongoing needs. In the legal world, you will want a solicitor that can do the same.

Most people pick their solicitor just for convenience, or just have a habit of going back to them after a previous issue. This can be compared to a doctor; they will deal with most of your medical complaints and symptoms in general practice, but if your matter calls for a specialist opinion, they will then refer you to a specialist. Sometimes, this means that you may have to travel in order to get the best opinions and results, and that is no exception in law.

So, how exactly do you pick the best solicitor for you?

Seek recommendations

This is perhaps one of the best ways to find out what working with a certain solicitor is like, instead of depending on third-party recommendations that may be referral fees driven. More often than not, it is best to rely on personal recommendations from family, friends and colleagues as most will have had some encounters with a solicitor. However, you need to ensure that any recommendation meets your needs – your family and friend’s legal issue may vastly differ from yours, and have exceptional and unique elements that your friend or colleague did not encounter.

Get a specialist for your case

What speciality does the solicitor have? Not every legal representative is a general practice solicitor and, actually, most of them have a speciality. If you are retaining a solicitor to represent you in a business case, it would be unwise to get one who specialises in personal injury cases and, likewise, you would not hire a business solicitor for a personal injury case. Go through the potential solicitor’s website as you will instantly know what they do or do not do.

Ensure they are insured

Never hesitate to ask what your potential solicitor’s insurance cover is like. These professionals all require indemnity insurance and there are varying levels of coverage available to cover varying financial levels. For instance, if you are purchasing a house that is worth €2m or have a claim that is worth €3m, if the solicitor has indemnity insurance for €1m, then you may want to look for professional legal assistance elsewhere.

Hire a person you can work with

One of the most fundamental things to consider is whether you will get on with the solicitor. If, for instance, you are bringing a personal injury claim, it is important to note that you may work with the solicitor for a year, sometimes even longer.

If you do not like the individual you are working with, this could have a substantial effect on the progress of your case. You need to not only be able to communicate properly with each other but get along as well in order to get the results you are after.

Talk about money

You should ideally not be afraid to ask about costs. An excellent solicitor will try to be as open as they can regarding the future costs of your case and set the details in regards to the costs in writing.

Do not just go for the cheapest solicitor you come across as you will get what you pay for. However, this does not mean that you should settle for the most expensive solicitor in the city either. Just ensure you shop around for a reasonable solicitor in terms of costs and put the other factors into consideration as well.

These are some of the best ways to ensure you pick the best solicitor for you. You could also read reviews online, but it is best to take them with a grain of salt as they are not always accurate.

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