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Sponsor message – Yerra Solutions: General counsel take the lead

Congratulations on being named a leader among leaders! General counsel (GCs) have been blazing new trails in the legal marketplace for years and it is a testament to your leadership to be named in the GC Powerlist. Yerra Solutions is proud to work with many of the GCs at the forefront of innovation in the management of the in-house legal function.

In partnership with our clients, we address challenges central to legal and intellectual property (IP), e-discovery and investigations, and compliance. Yerra’s consulting and technology-enabled managed services drive greater efficiency and reduce risk in the processes most critical to these functions. Our solutions cover the issues most central to running your department – from responding to a discovery/disclosure order from a court or regulator, forming/evaluating an outside counsel panel, gaining visibility and controlling legal spend, improving contract management or better managing the flow of work handled by internal staff. We also provide decades of collective expertise in helping GCs and their counterparts in IP and compliance to advance the operations of their functions – from selecting and implementing the right technology, to finding the right mix of in-house and outsourced work, to building and maintaining the reports needed to make better decisions.

As you consider your position as a leader in this field, we hope that you will reach out to Yerra to explore the possibilities that our solutions and experts have to offer. We are proud to celebrate with you tonight and look forward to engaging with you again in the future. There is an opportunity to continue the conversation at our sixth annual London Yerra Conference, which is dedicated to encouraging collaboration and the sharing of best practices as a way to drive innovation forward. To learn more about this event and about Yerra,
please visit or contact Bob Storey directly.

Bob Storey, managing director, legal solutions

Contact information:Yerra Solutions
1 Fore Street
London EC2Y 9DT
0191 500 7835

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