Legal Business

Keep calm and… The GC guide to handling a crisis


Cyber attacks, corporate scandals, environmental disaster… just some of the threats businesses face as they go global. Legal Business asks leading GCs how to handle – and avoid – a crisis.


‘I’ve dealt with many crises… government investigations, data privacy breaches, pollution… they’re all nauseating. Your gut churns when you get that call and know the next few weeks or even years are going to be tough.’
Bjarne Tellmann, general counsel, Pearson

‘What happened to Lehman Brothers? And to Bear Stearns? I’m not sure even the people at Lehman or Bear Stearns could tell you. The only certainty is the fourth and fifth largest investment banks in the US are no longer. And that it happened with breathtaking speed.’
Peter Beshar, general counsel, Marsh & McLennan