Jacqueline Hill – Gazprom Energy Marketing & Trading


Jacqueline Hill

General counsel

Gazprom Energy Marketing & Trading


Identified as a ‘smart lawyer with a broad international perspective’ and a ‘rising star of the industry’, Jacqueline Hill has been the GC for the UK subsidiary of the Russian gas giant Gazprom since 2006 after moving from EDF Trading.

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Robert Reeves – Anadarko Petroleum


Robert Reeves

General counsel

Anadarko Petroleum


Robert Reeves, the general counsel at oil and gas exploration company Anadarko Petroleum is highlighted as ‘carrying a lot of weight in the industry’. With more than 30 years of legal and management experience under his belt, Reeves has responsibility for the company’s legal, government relations, public affairs, information technology and administration functions.

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Graham Vinter – BG Group


Graham Vinter

General counsel

BG Group


Described as ‘such a big name that his views will always get taken seriously both inside and outside the company’ and having spent the best part of two decades as a partner at a Magic Circle firm, Graham Vinter has high expectations of his external legal panel firms. With an external legal spend of $30m-40m worldwide each year at BG Group he is particularly keen that firms have a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry and the cost pressures clients are under.

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Grant Dawson – Centrica


Grant Dawson

General counsel and company secretary



Since Centrica’s demerger from British Gas in 1997, Grant Dawson has ‘made the role his own’, according to one energy partner. This includes leading the way with his advice on deals covering the full spread of power supply and generation, including Centrica’s joint venture with EDF Energy in 2009 and the acquisition of Venture Production.

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Janet Langford Kelly – ConocoPhillips


Janet Langford Kelly

Senior vice president, Legal, general counsel and corporate secretary



Janet Langford Kelly is revered as one of the leading in-house international lawyers on complex energy matters with 25 years’ experience in the industry. ‘I don’t know if there is any straight “path” to becoming a GC, it is often as much luck as preparation,’ she says.

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Graham Martin – Tullow Oil


Graham Martin

General counsel and company secretary

Tullow Oil


‘If you cut Graham Martin he would bleed Tullow Oil,’ says one leading energy lawyer. Martin is clearly committed to a company that he has been associated with since his private practice days at Vinson & Elkins in the eighties, which has exploration and production assets in 23 countries, including Africa, Europe, South Asia and South America.

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Andrew Carr – Sellafield


Andrew Carr

Head of legal services



Andrew Carr is modest about the pressures of being one of the most high-profile general counsel in the country, but few industries have experienced the dramatic swings and roundabouts of the nuclear sector. It is important for Carr that external counsel understand the unique demands of the industry.

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Rupert Bondy – BP


Rupert Bondy

Group general counsel



Few general counsel are as well-known outside their industry as Rupert Bondy at BP – he is a clear example of a legal director that operates in a secretarial rather than a GC role.

Following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, Bondy oversaw the company’s risk management strategy, effectively steering its emergency response from the beginning of the crisis through to the eventual financial settlement.

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François Graux – International Power


François Graux

General counsel and company secretary

International Power

After eight years with SUEZ, there is no doubt that François Graux has earned his stripes. He has steered the company through mergers with Gaz de France in 2008 and then 2012’s tie-up with International Power, which saw it become part of the world’s largest independent utility company.


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