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Ince & Co creates London head role as senior partner Heuvels makes Hong Kong move

Following the recent decision to relocate Ince & Co senior partner Jan Heuvels to Hong Kong, the firm has appointed HR director Andrew Jameson in the new role as head of the London office.

Heuvels, one of Ince’s batch of ‘superstar’ insurance partners who became senior partner in 2014, will depart for the firm’s Hong Kong office next month.

In a statement, Ince said the move was due to the region being prosperous for the firm’s transport, trade, energy and infrastructure and insurance clients. China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to enhance connectivity between Eurasian countries, was seen as a key factor.

As a result, Ince felt the need to create an unprecedented London head role to fill the void left by Heuvels’ departure, with the firm’s director of human resources Jameson being appointed.

Jameson has had an eventful history, spending his early career at sea as a Royal Navy officer before qualifying as a barrister. Before joining Ince, Jameson was head of legal services and general counsel to the Navy Board.

Jameson insisted that ‘London remains a key strategic location for Ince & Co and its clients’, and that he takes over at ‘an exciting time in the firm’s development.’

Heuvels added that Jameson’s naval experience will ‘set him apart’ in terms of leadership qualities and stated an intention to continue the modernisation of the firm.

In October 2015, Ince moved into more contemporary premises at London’s Aldgate Tower after a long stint near Tower Hill, a historic maritime location befitting of a firm often regarded as conservative.

As part of the firm’s transformation, this summer Ince announced it will offer its lawyers an alternative career path to the traditional partner track.

Lawyers who show the required competencies are now able to progress up a four-step career programme to the role of legal director, but have the flexibility to make partner later on.

Ince & Co’s revenue grew 16% to £88.5m this year, signalling recovery from a three-year decline, in what Heuvels described as a ‘good year of investment and growth.’

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