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‘Harry Potter’ lawyer Lord Harley banned from legal profession and hit with £86,000 costs

A lawyer who styles himself as senior counsel Lord Harley and was criticised for dressing ‘like something out of Harry Potter’ has been kicked out of the profession after a two day hearing at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Lord Harley – real name Alan Blacker – was banned from the profession at the hearing after tribunal chair Paul Housego ruled he had failed to keep proper accounts, engaged in misleading conduct and failed to co-operate with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). He must pay £86,000 in court costs.

The SRA, represented by Fountain Court’s Ed Levey, filed a string of charges against Blacker regarding false statements about his qualifications and failure to keep accounts for the work his Rochdale firm did.

Blacker did not attend the hearing, claiming that one of the days it was scheduled for was his birthday, and stating he was too sick. He denied the claims and filed a three page defence.

In a blog on LinkedIn in March, Blacker attacked the SRA’s allegations, stating: ‘They know I will demolish the claims against me – they are not prepared to hear me destroy the SRA case so they want to shut me up without a hearing.’

Blacker’s LinkedIn profile details a long list of accomplishments, including a doctorate of philosophy in Law and an MSc in Clinical Forensic Psychiatry from Trinity College Oxford and accreditation from an extensive list of organisations, universities and public bodies.

Known as the Harry Potter lawyer, Blacker had an infamous run-in with judge David Wynn Morgan at Cardiff Crown Court in 2014. Blacker arrived decked out in colourful ribbons and badges, claiming they were medals. According to Wales Online, the judge claimed Blacker was dressed ‘like something out of Harry Potter’.