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South – South End

The wind blowing up from the south region has the familiar whiff of stagnant revenues again this year. As was the case in 2010, more than half the firms in this peer group have posted negative or flat turnover growth, a sure sign that market conditions are taking their toll in this fiercely competitive market. These firms are perhaps suffering more than most, largely because competitive pricing pressure on London-based firms means that those south of the capital can no longer merely compete on price – they have to match London rivals for quality as well.

The averages for this peer group remain among the lowest of any peer group in the LB100. However, these figures look less concerning now that some of the larger grossing law firms in other peer groups have moved out to the Major UK group. That said, not one of the South firms has revenues anywhere close to £60m, which is what the top regional firms have traditionally been pulling in.