Legal Business

Shaping the industry – the veterans’ view on what mattered in the last 25 years

Legal Business asked more than 20 legal heavyweights to name the defining moments that shaped the profession since the launch of Legal Business.

Wim Dejonghe, managing partner, Allen & Overy

On globalisation in law:

‘Domestic firms going global – this has been the main event of the last 25 years. That started in the mid-1990s and there has been no way back. Baker & McKenzie was a pioneer of the globalisation trend. It has done extremely well in its market. Two firms that have come from a regional base and developed well include DLA Piper – coming from [the English regions] is impressive – and Latham & Watkins from LA. Given their position 25 years ago and where they are now, these three firms come to mind.’